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Hello! My name is Michael Southard. I produce a variety of cross-genre electronic music styles and have been for the better part of my life. I started Supply Fi in 2014 following a 3 year production hiatus to get my life in order and to bring my first child into the world. Since then, a switch turned on in my head and I just knew I had to try my hardest to make music my career. Music has always been the most effective way of expressing myself, and it's something I've always had a passion for. Getting back into production was easy and natural, and I'm in the midst of unbottling all of the pent up creativity that I held on to for so long. I then started Time Rival in late 2015 as an outlet for my ambient work that wouldn't fit with the theme of Supply Fi.

I create new music all the time, almost every day. Not just because I want to, but because I have to. it's in my soul, deep down. I've set up this subscription service so you can help me support my family and make it possible for me to be a great role model and show my children how to make your own path in life and not just take what the world throws at you.

With this subscription service, you'll get my entire back catalog instantly, as well as any new tracks I'm working on that haven't been released anywhere else. You'll also get collaborative albums released elsewhere, bonus compilation albums of music that I've made over the years and haven't done much with. I'll be sharing my personal journey with you and bringing you into my process of music creation using pictures, screenshots, videos, stories, etc.

Thank you for subscribing! I am forever in your debt. Perhaps I can make it up to you by enhancing your life with some awesome music.

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Supply Fi
Chicago, Illinois
Michael Southard is a Chicago based producer that releases electronic downtempo/idm music under the name Supply Fi, as well as ambient drone music under the name Time Rival. Michael’s music features rich textures and meandering melodies, and he focuses on using non-conventional sounds and arrangements to make a truly unique listening experience.

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