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Belial Pelegrim A stunning set of electronic music with great pacing. Emotive, yet technically satisfying on so many levels. Favorite track: Won't You Let Us Be Free?.


This album is dedicated to Melissa, Logan, and Molly.

During the last few months of my time working for a large corporation, i would take a long walk each morning after I pulled into the parking lot This was a very large office building, quite a spectacle. I would go over a small bridge to a closer parking lot that more important people would park in, cross a two lane road, and enter under a large canopy that would extend a good 100 yards out the front of the building. I would then flash my badge as a futuristic door would open up from the left and I'd climb up two flights of stairs in a large atrium overseeing the center of the building. My wing had an interesting entrance. It was an art installation of green and blue oxygen tubing in a criss cross pattern, backlit by fluorescent lights. I've never seen anything like it yet hundreds of people pass it by unnoticed regularly. I would continue walking through my wing, into an empty section in back, make a left and enter phone room 3D-078. I used to use 3D-131 but it has since been taken over by a massage chair.

3D-078 is a small white room about 4' x 6' with a frosted glass door, a desk, and a chair. This is the room that I would go to whenever I had free time to make music. Something about being creative in non-creative spaces appeals to me. The entirety of this album was made in this room on my laptop, and unlike previous works, with no external instruments or effects, no MIDI keyboards, just a laptop, a small audio interface, and two pairs of headphones. All tracks were made using the same synth patches, drum kits, samples, and effects. They were all lined up in one timeline, while the key, meter, and tempo were changed throughout. The reason for making the album this way was to make something cohesive that unfolds like a story, and after doing the initial work of creating sounds, I could spend the majority of my time crafting better melodies and themes, and the result is a musically varied, yet textually and stylistically similar collection of works that are deeply personal and very close to my heart.

This album marks a transition in my life. Now after having my second child, it has become clear what I should be doing with my life. I'm a family man. I need to be home to spend time with and raise my kids the way older generations had the privilege of doing. Spending more time at home and less time working a corporate job gives me this opportunity. It also allows me to focus on my music career and will help me become the role model for my children that they don't know they need yet. Hopefully this means you'll be hearing more from me as I have the flexibility to work on the projects that really speak to me.

Thank you all, I hope you enjoy this album! A lot of time and effort went into this and I couldn't have done it without my supporters.


released May 19, 2017

Written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Michael Southard
Additional vocals from:
Logan Southard (tracks 2 & 6)
Molly Southard (track 2)
Melissa Southard (track 7)

Album Artwork by Bryan Kraft aka BVSMV aka Running in Slow Motion



all rights reserved


Supply Fi Chicago, Illinois

Michael Southard is a Chicago based producer that releases electronic downtempo/idm music under the name Supply Fi, as well as ambient drone music under the name Time Rival. Michael’s music features rich textures and meandering melodies, and he focuses on using non-conventional sounds and arrangements to make a truly unique listening experience. ... more

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Track Name: The Hard Way
The crippling agony of a wandering mind
Instills unknown fears from the world behind
The changes that this world will bring
Is a tune my body cannot sing
For my mind cannot take what it cannot control
so my body responds moving to a beat with no soul
It's a constant strain on my beating heart
like a ticking bomb ready to tear me apart